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About The Cheeky 

Chimps Books

First-time experiences such as a visit to the opticians can at times be daunting for children (and adults!).

'The Cheeky Chimps Books' was created to make these experiences more positive for children by following the adventures of cheeky chimps, Felix and Felicity, in a series of fun and practical learning books. 

They provide an insight into what to expect and the wonders that await, all through easy to follow and engaging stories. 

We hope that our books will be an enjoyable read for children, and in turn help them to approach new life experiences with a sense of calm and excitement.



The Cheeky Chimps Books bring home the importance of having an eye test, especially for children who may not realise when their vision is not as it should be.

As adults, we tend to forget how scary a visit to the opticians could be for young children and what all the various equipment is for, but the fun filled coloured drawings make it easy to understand... for the parents as well! 

I recommend reading Sachin Shah's book as it removes the mystic that surrounds the tests the optometrist does to ascertain any possible vision defects in children.

I had a sneaky feeling that Felicity would have liked glasses just like her brother Felix's! A waiting room book to read? or maybe one for all to see!"


Dame Mary Perkins

Co-founder of Specsavers Opticians

Absolutely loved this book! Represents exactly what happens when you visit the optician! Found it useful for adults too!

Loveable characters – love the detailed illustrations! Enjoyable and educational read!

Fantastic concept and encouraging that it is written by a practitioner. 

Brilliant clear story throughout.

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