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Meet the characters


  • Felix is five years old and is Felicity’s twin brother.

  •  He loves reading books, dancing and playing football with his friends.

  • He enjoys learning about science and hopes to be an astronaut one day!

  • Sometimes he can be a little mischievous and play pranks on his sister!

  • His favourite colour is red.



  • Felicity is five years old and is Felix’s twin sister.

  • She loves singing, painting and having tea parties with her friends.

  • She likes to play hide and seek with Felix and always knows the best hiding spots.

  • She wants to become a doctor so that she can help people get better.

  • Her dream is to one day go to Disney World and meet Minnie Mouse!


Mum (Lily)

  • Lily is not only Felix and Felicity's mum, but also a teacher at their school.

  • She makes the best chocolate cake and loves to treat Felix and Felicity when they are behaving well.

  •  In her spare time, you can find her on the sofa watching movies and drinking fresh lemonade.

  • She looks forward to family outings, especially ones to the beach, where she can relax and build sandcastles with the twins.


Mr. Whoo

  • Mr Whoo has been working as an optometrist for many years and loves his job.

  • He looks forward to meeting new people everyday and helping them to see better.

  • In his opticians, you'll find lots of different styles of glasses!

  • He likes to explore the woods with his family and loves wearing colourful ties!

Dr Floss

  • Dr Floss loves everything related to teeth!

  • He was scared of visiting the dentist himself when he was young.

  • He loves to share his brushing tips!

  • He loves to sing and dance in his spare time! Have you heard his brushing song?!



  • Olivia helps Dr Floss look after people's teeth.

  • She loves to bake, and one day wants to write a cookbook.

  • She loves arts and crafts and makes lots of accessories for her home.

  • Olivia loves to travel and fly away to different countries.

New characters coming soon

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